• Baby Boomer
    “I trained with Kimberly for more than seven years, first in her studio, and then in my home, and Pilates has been instrumental in changing how I move and how I carry myself. Everything from how I sit while driving, how I ride my bike, climbing stairs or even putting a suitcase in an airplane’s overhead bin. It also helped my posture which was causing back pain. The changes are subtle but so important. I’m much more confident about my body as I age and I’d recommend it to anyone who’d like the same.
    Lorie Wilhelmson
  • Early 40's Comeback
    “Pilates has become a huge blessing in my life. When I started, I was overweight from an illness I’d had, and was embarrassed to even try to work out.  But even after 3 sessions, I started noticing changes. I’m getting my body back and wearing clothes I never thought I’d wear again! I’m telling everyone who wants to transform their body that Pilates is the way to go and Kimberly is the way to get there!”
    ~Kerryanna Vanzo
  • Client with Movement Disorder
    “I thought Pilates would be too difficult for me with my Parkinson’s. But after Kimberly’s urging, I decided to try it.  It’s been amazing! I’m doing exercises I never thought possible and it feels great to be moving in different ways. And she even adjusts my workouts depending on how well I feel and how my medications are working.  At the end of our sessions she leads me through a stretch exercise that is divine!”
    Cheryle Brandsma

  • Seasonal Visitor
    “I’ve been working in a variety of healing practices for over 40 years and working with Kimberly was far more than I’d ever hoped for. Her approach was both physical AND spiritual. In my travels over the years I have found this to be a very unique and extraordinary gift. Her communication skills are exemplary without compromising the love and passion she brings to her healing work. She’s a treasure!”
  • Active Mother of 3
    “For more than seven years, Kimberly has given me a pain-free body. I’m not referring to major, accident-induced pain (though she addresses that just as effectively). I’m talking about the aches and pains of an active middle-aged life! Kimberly provides personalized attention with amazing results and I’m stronger than ever.”
    ~Anne Stetler
  • Senior
    “I was a client of Kimberly’s for 8 years. I was in my early 70’s and a life-long equine Dressage rider. Pilates was a perfect training tool as it required the precise ability to move my muscles in tandem with my horse. Over the years, I’ve become stronger and my core strength improved my riding and my life in general. I’m in my 80’s now and I’ve given up riding, but I know I can live my later years with confidence and yes, grace, in my movements.”
    ~Faith Shields

Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.

Joseph Pilates

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