Kimberly McKnight has been a Pilates Practitioner since 2003, teaching the traditional Classical Pilates Method developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1920’s. With more than 16 years of experience, she brings her own unique and seasoned approach to the needs and goals of her clients. She offers highly personalized instruction and her passion to guide, motivate and advance her clients’ potential ensures success at any level. Kimberly’s greatest joy comes from helping older adults whose needs become greater and more challenging. Testimonials from clients of all ages and physical abilities reveal the incredible benefits of Pilates training, considered to be one of the most practical and effective fitness methods available. With her passionate approach to instruction, Kimberly’s hope is to change your life – so that you thrive in your everyday movements, feel more confident in your body, and experience less pain and more ease.

When you have the opportunity to work with an individual who elevates their profession to an art form and who puts your health as her highest priority, count yourself fortunate. Kimberly McKnight does just that.

Doug Houle – Physical Therapist
Mercy Integrated Physical Therapy

  • Kimberly McKnight is an absolute treasure! Her approach is both physical AND spiritual. Her analysis of my issues and resulting imbalances, and the way in which she integrated my needs into the Classical Pilates Method, were truly amazing!
    –John G. Myerson, Ph.D., Lic. Ac., Psychotherapist

  • Kimberly’s precise and detailed training have been instrumental in helping me stay active without stiffness or pain. It’s helped me develop a deeper understanding of my body’s capabilities and gives me the strength and confidence I need as I age. What a gift!
    –Lorie Wilhelmson, Executive Director, Nexium International

  • Kimberly’s instructions were clear and precise. She’s highly skilled using verbal, visual, and tactile cues along with guided imagery. Her meticulous attention to detail leaves no stone unturned!
    –Dr. Eliseo Perez, MD, Anesthesiologist

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