As a Pilates trainer for more than 16 years, Kimberly McKnight has dedicated her career to the purest form of Classical Pilates, the traditional system of body conditioning which, for nearly 100 years, has helped millions improve their physical health, their mental and emotional well-being and much more. This movement method approaches the body as a dynamic interdependent system and provides a holistic approach to conditioning – working the body from head to toe. Its gentle, low-impact exercises provide a safe and progressive mastery of movements that readily adapt to one’s age or level of ability. Considered the most intelligent form of fitness training, Pilates is unmatched as a whole-body method of conditioning that helps us thrive in our everyday lives with greater ease and mobility.

“I’ve had a passion for movement most of my life. I’ve been a multi-sport athlete, have suffered challenging injuries, and have withstood life-long chronic pain. Throughout, I’ve learned the body needs to be invited, encouraged, and challenged into well-being. Pilates does just that. I’ve trained the vulnerable, the exceptional, and everyone in between and I’ve witnessed thousands discover and rediscover freedom in movement with Pilates. I can truly say that it is the best gift anyone can give themselves – for a lifetime.”

“When you have the opportunity to work with an individual who elevates their profession to an art form and who puts your health as her highest priority, count yourself fortunate. Kimberly McKnight does just that.”

Doug Houle, MSPT
Mercy Integrated
Physical Therapy

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