Pilates for You!

Inspired to try Pilates? It’s truly designed for anyone. But it’s not a quick fix. Remember, it takes years to develop habitual movement patterns and postural imbalances which become detrimental to your overall health, strength and flexibility. And unlike conventional workouts using high repetitions and strengthening the same muscle groups, Pilates’ gentle, low-impact exercises will gradually and safely lead your body to long-lasting whole-body fitness – even into your elder years.

No matter when you start Pilates you’ll experience increased energy and reduced stress. You’ll gain self-confidence and experience grace in your movements. Best of all, you’ll feel inspired and empowered with a heightened sense of well-being. Regardless your age or level of ability, it’s important to make a realistic plan and get started.

  • The Sedentary Lifestyle: Return to Vibrant Health
    The aches and pains of long-term inactive lifestyles, the grind of sedentary workloads, or struggles with weight issues, all catch up with us sooner or later. It’s never too late to address these issues with the unparalleled results produced by personalized Pilates. It ensures the safest, most enjoyable and non-threatening return to vibrant health and improved quality of life. You’ll be glad you did!
  • Recreationalists & Elite Athletes: Maintain an Active Lifestyle
    Pilates offers natural cross-training benefits for the active lifestyle. Its ability to support advanced level fitness skills addresses the needs of many professional sports teams and elite athletes, and has become a critical part of their training regime. Whether you’re a weekend recreationalist or an extreme athlete, practicing Pilates promises to heighten your coordination, sharpen your focus, increase your overall strength and enhance your physical and mental stamina. Keep your edge!
  • Injury Prevention & Effective Rehabilitation: Sustain your Vitality
    The medical community increasingly recognizes Pilates as one of the most successful ways to treat pain syndromes caused by spinal disorders, joint disease and injury. Focusing on core strength, balance and flexibility, Pilates uses movement techniques similar to those for prevention and rehab of many common orthopedic ailments while also reducing chronic pain. Step back up to the plate!
  • The Maturing Individual: Nurture your Aging Body
    Pilates is an ideal form of exercise for the older client. It offers safe, gentle and low impact movement which strengthens the body as well as the mind and helps avoid injuries that often occur with the aging body. It is an effective way to strengthen weakened muscles and improve balance, ensuring injury-free movement. Perform life’s everyday tasks with confidence!
  • Managing Chronic Pain: Move Beyond Limitations
    The adaptive nature of the human body is what makes Pilates such an effective tool to combat chronic pain. Its focus on creating a balanced body, from top to bottom and side to side, encourages lagging muscles to reactivate. This can help alleviate pain throughout the rest of your body as you gain strength. Balance your body and transform your life!


Kimberly McKnight offers exceptional Pure Classical Pilates for all ages and levels of ability.

Client performing Teaser on the Pilates Arch Barrel


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