About Kimberly

I gravitated toward Pilates after years of chronic pain, suffering from a congenital narrowing of the spine since the age of 18. There were no promising surgical options at the time but my love of sports helped mask my pain intermittently. I was plagued, however, with finding any consistent or long-lasting relief and my days centered around my level of tolerance. At 32, the pain worsened, affecting my work and minimizing the recreational activities I’d so enjoyed: running, biking, skiing, etc. In desperation, I sought all options that would perhaps give me relief. Finding none, I was overwhelmed with depression. In a last ditch effort, I reached out to a local studio where I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to Pilates. I did not realize at the time that teaching Pilates would eventually become my life’s calling, but since my introduction, I have practiced it faithfully, have avoided spine surgery, and most important, I’m able to enjoy movement without pain.

From the time I first started, Pilates has informed and guided my every movement; the way I walk, the way I stand, the way I breathe, the way I feel inside my own skin. There is no greater reward than helping others experience this same joy and freedom in movement. I have learned that everyone experiences movement in very different ways. This requires a highly personalized approach, recognizing that it’s only in the quiet of one’s own body where change can occur. The body needs to be invited, challenged and encouraged into well-being with an acute ability to listen to its needs. Pilates does just that. And having witnessed thousands of individuals discover and recover their joy in movement, I can say it is THE best gift anyone can give to themselves.


Kimberly McKnight offers the highest quality Classical Pilates training for all ages and levels of ability.

Kimberly McKnight is a native of Durango, Colorado, and graduated from the world-renowned
Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado. She owned and operated Mind’s Eye Movement, LLC, from 2003 to 2017. She now operates Durango Pure Pilates offering the same highly personalized instruction. With more than 15 years of experience, she is a Master Trainer and offers the best of the Classical Pilates Method.

  • I learned more about my body, my posture, and my movement patterns than I ever anticipated – not just when training, but in everyday life!

    –Kate Feldman, Psychotherapist

  • Through careful observation and customized workouts, she has changed my postural habits and skeletal weaknesses. Kimberly provides personalized attention with amazing results.

    –Anne Stetler, Pediatric Physical Therapist

  • Kimberly has taught me to unwind years of incorrect movement patterns that have hindered my health and strength and helped make my recovery process far less daunting.

    –Alan Young, Computer Technology Officer, Cancer Survivor

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