Join others who have discovered the deep and long lasting benefits of the Classical Pilates Method. Regardless your daily activities, recreational pursuits or fitness goals, Pilates will offer you the greatest mental and physical benefits from your efforts. Read how others, from all walks of lives, have come to love how Pure Pilates transforms their bodies and their lives.

  • Faith Shields, 80 years old, Former Dressage Rider
    “I’ve been a client of Kimberly’s since 2008. I was in my early 70’s and a life-long equine Dressage rider. Pilates was a perfect training tool as it required the precise ability to move my muscles in tandem with my horse. Over the years, I’ve become stronger and my core strength improved my riding and my life in general. I’m in my 80’s now and I’ve given up riding, but I know I can live my later years with confidence and yes, grace, in my movements.”
  • Elizabeth Spencer, Peace Corps, Seasonal Visitor
    “I work and live primarily overseas. I came to Durango for family support after having back surgery. I found Kimberly many months into my recovery. I’ve had the privilege of working with Pilates instructors in France (Nice), Italy (Rome) and the UAE (Dubai). Kimberly was truly amazing. She gave me great encouragement, but also very focused attention to my needs. She works in a very instinctive way. She is truly special and provided me tremendous help with my healing. I miss working with her!”
  • Lorie Wilhelmson, Executive Director, Nexium International
    “I’ve trained with Kimberly for more than seven years, first in her studio, and now in my home. Pilates has been instrumental in making me more aware of my every movement, from how I sit while driving or when riding my bike, to walking down stairs or putting a suitcase in an airplane’s overhead bin. And it’s also helped correct my poor posture that was causing low back pain. The changes are subtle but so important. It’s what keeps me strong and stable without stiffness or pain. I’m confident of having a healthy body as I age and I’d recommend it to anyone who’d like the same.”
  • Kristi Burk, Active Sports Enthusiast & Hockey Player
    “I’ve had four surgeries on each knee and want to be able to stay active while minimizing my chronic pain. I also want to avoid additional surgeries. Doing Pilates, I’ve learned that EVERYONE can benefit if its done correctly. I can see a difference and I feel a difference. My posture has improved, the pain in my knees has lessened, and I feel great!”
  • John Myerson, Ph.D., Lic. Ac., Psychotherapist, Seasonal Visitor
    “I’ve been working in a variety of healing practices for over 40 years and working with Kimberly was far more than I’d ever hoped for. Her approach was both physical AND spiritual. In my travels over the years I have found this to be a very unique and extraordinary gift. Her communication skills are exemplary without compromising the love and passion she brings to her healing work. She’s a treasure!”
  • Anne Stetler, Active Mother of 3, Pediatric Physical Therapist
    “For more than seven years, Kimberly has given me a pain-free body. I’m not referring to major, accident-induced pain (though she addresses that just as effectively). I’m talking about the aches and pains of an active middle-aged life! Kimberly provides personalized attention with amazing results and I’m stronger than ever.”
  • Dr. Eliseo Perez, MD, Retired Anesthesiologist, Seasonal Resident
    “With Kimberly’s guidance, her keen intellect and powers of observation, she designed a series of sessions addressing the unique nature of my body’s needs. Within a short amount of time, I understood the genius of this movement practice, working ALL muscles of the body from head to toe. It’s unmatched by any other exercise routine I’ve experienced.”
Trainer, Kimberly McKnight, uses hands-on cues to ensure safe client movement.

Client on Low Chair
Upside Down Push Up

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