The Genius of the Classical Pilates Method

Pilates is performed with floor exercises or specialized equipment. These apparatus use variable length (and gauge) springs and straps which provide assistance or resistance during movement. This simultaneously lengthens and strengthens the muscles. Designed to mimic real life movements, Pilates emphasizes strengthening the core (powerhouse) including the muscles of the abdomen, low back and hips. As a result, this strong core supports the spine allowing it to be agile yet stable, key to the health of the body.

Pilates also develops a mind-to-body connection making us more aware, or mindful, of our actions. We become highly attuned to our body’s movements in every activity we engage in. Using proper breathing and precise, smooth-flowing movement, Pilates gentle, low-impact exercises provide a safe and progressive mastery of movements which readily adapt to one’s age or level of ability. It remains unmatched as a whole-body method of conditioning that helps us thrive in our everyday lives with greater ease and mobility.

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Benefits of Pilates

Strength and flexibility
Balance and coordination
Improved posture
Reduced back pain
Decreased chronic pain
Reduced stress
Sense of well-being
Enhanced quality of life

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